A few thoughts from our amazing clients

“We felt overwhelmed as our son approached his junior year of high school. We heard so many stories of kids being rejected and deferred from colleges which was intimidating to us as we began this process. We realized this was going to be a journey and one that would be navigated much more clearly with Nelie as our guide.

Our son started working closely with Nelie his junior year. Nelie took the time to understand his background and his goals and gave him the support and guidance he needed during the application process. Nelie’s extensive knowledge and insight into the process helped guide him towards smart decisions when it came to essay writing, test taking timing and interview strategies. It set his nerves, and ours, at ease throughout the sometimes stressful situation of applying to college.

With Nelie’s help, our son was accepted to his top choice school. We would highly recommend the services of Nelie McNeal. In fact, our second child will be beginning the process shortly and we have already asked Nelie to save time for us on her upcoming schedule!”

“You have been an immense help. You are amazing, Jeanie!”

“Jeanie, you did exactly what you told us you would: you made our family dinners and time together enjoyable! Because of your knowledge and guidance and availability, you kept our son on track, at ease, and feeling positive, and we never had to worry about whether or not the work was getting done, or if it was getting done well. Thank you so much! We would not have wanted to go through this without you.”

“How can we ever thank you, Nelie? Our oldest daughter to Vanderbilt as an Ingram Scholar and now her sister to TCU on a Chancellor’s Scholarship! You’ve helped us obtain more than 1/2 a million dollars in merit scholarships. We can never repay you for your unwavering guidance, encouragement, friendship, and brilliance the whole way through.”

“Thank you, thank you, Jeanie, for your voice of reason, your support and your encouragement. This is a daunting process. Your honesty, kindness, humor, and warmth – not to mention, your experience! – are the perfect combination, for (my son) and for his nervous parents. Thank you! You are the best!”

“Our four children each worked with Nelie throughout the college application process.  Her ability to remain current and knowledgeable provided them with an invaluable resource.  In addition to being a great resource, Nelie was a tremendous advocate and confidante for our children.  This enabled our children to successfully navigate the college application process and provide their best chances for acceptance.  Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Nelie gave our children the confidence critical to selecting the best college fit for their unique and different needs. Each one of our children were looking for different experiences and Nelie’s personalized approach ensured that they found what they were seeking. Thank you Nelie for your advice, guidance and professionalism!”

“As a high schooler, I found that going through the college application process with Nelie was stimulating, entertaining, and simply fun. Reflecting on the experience now as an adult who could not have been happier with my choice of college and the opportunities it  provided me, I realize that Nelie provides the perfect combination of guidance based on her many years of experience in the field, sensitivity to the student and family’s particular needs and goals, and a sense of humor that make discussions about standardized tests and personal statements as riveting as such conversations could possibly be.”

“The college process is something that only happens once in each child’s life and, being new to the process, I wanted to make sure I provided the support necessary to maximize each of my son’s talents as well as help them better understand themselves and what they were truly looking for in a college experience. A friend referred us to Nelie McNeal, and her invaluable insight, expertise and patience made all the difference. Nelie and her team met each of my sons where he was and provided the necessary individual support to help them to be successful and have a very positive college process. As a result, both were ultimately admitted to every college to which they applied. I am forever grateful that Nelie was with us every step of the way. I have referred friends to Nelie, and they have been just as pleased.”

“Our daughter has LOVED working with you! All of us have! You have been a TREMENDOUS resource and help to all of us through this journey!! We are so grateful to you, Jeanie! You are an awesome, encouraging, kind, competent and well-respected college counselor! We have been MORE THAN IMPRESSED!”

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